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▢ Larry T. Clemons

          Larry T Clemons, started collecting the Posters of Peter Max in the early 70s…Beatles, 60s Memorabilia, Vintage Movie Posters, were a secondary collection compared to the Vintage Peter Max Artworks and Artifacts. In 1990 Larry opened, ” PEACE FOR THE PLANET ” specializing in the Artworks of Peter Max. In 1993, he opened Gallery 721. Artist featured were, of course, Peter Max, Rev. Howard Finster, Purvis Young, R.A. Miller, Mose Tolliver and Sybil Gibson. In 1994, Larry Clemons became Publisher for Rev. Howard Finster, Spent much time at Paradise Gardens over the next three/four years and traveled with Rev. Finster to Shows, Lectures and Exhibits. In 1995 Mr Clemons, became exclusive Publisher for Purvis Young and was directly involved with his involvement and escalation to The Cover Page of, ” SOULS GROWN DEEP, African-American Art Of The South “, vol.2. In 1996, Mr Clemons accompanied Mr. Young (on what would be Purvis first trip out of the state of Florida), to The 1996 Olympic Games, in Atlanta. The exhibit, Souls Grown Deep, was a critically acclaimed event, Worldwide. This was Purvis Young’s coming out party and he was well represented and widely embraced. Working with,” Souls Grown Deep ” allowed Mr.Clemons the opportunity to work with a true Genius, Thornton Dial, of Bessemer, Alabama. Mr. Clemons had the pleasure to Publish, REMEMBERING THE ROAD, for Mr. Dial at the Olympics in Atlanta, for The Emory University Exhibit, with the same title. Over the next 5 years, Mr. Clemons, curated over a dozen exhibits, Solo Art Shows and loaned Artworks to Museums. In 1997 Clemons, worked with Purvis Young and the House Of Blues , to create a Large scale Mural in Orlando’s Disney World. Larry Clemons, co-curated,Peter Max ” POP TO PATRIOTISM ” at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, Tn. In 2000, Mr. Clemons, purchased a 6500 sq. ft. building north of downtown Fort Lauderdale, on the tracks. Gallery 721 is located at 725 Progresso Dr. in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and is now Home To Gallery 721 and The Purvis Young Museum. In 2003, Mr Clemons became Co-Producer on the award winning film, ” Purvis Of Overtown “, this film was only accomplished by the close friendship developed by Mr. Clemons and Mr. Young over the previous 10 years. The Documentary was released in 2006 and to this day is the most honest and insightful portrait of the Artist, Purvis Young. Personally, this film, ” Purvis Of Overtown ” was a special project for Mr. Clemons and Mr. Young, who sat side by side at many packed house premieres. Remember, Purvis Young lived by and educated himself through the Documentary Channel, so to see his own Documentary was touching and surreal. Gallery 721 has hosted many exhibits and has had many school groups through its doors, over 2000 children and still counting. Mr. Clemons had the intuitive eye to collect, but for him it the the selfless heart to share, not just sell, that makes  Gallery 721 and the Purvis Young Museum different from all other Art Venues…it’s also the Cassius Clay/Ali Collection, Sun Records/Elvis Presley, Vintage Movie Posters and 60s Memorabilia, coupled with the Art of, Purvis Young, Rev. Howard Finster, Thornton Dial, Sybil Gibson, Peter Max and Mose T. Currently, 2011, Larry T Clemons is Exhibiting at The Tennessee State Museum his Rev. Howard Finster Collection, this Exhibit runs through Jan. 15, 2012, in Nashville, Tn.